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1.1 Bezayağı will be. Scarves: 15 single scarf scarves, wraps 16 and 17 with double weft, warp: 17 single warp, 18 and 19 will be double warp.

100% polyamide fabric (camouflage printed)

Military camouflage poncho's mouth with full-length 3 + 0,5 cm wide green camouflage fabric is made from its top facing the hood moldings.

Soldier sewing poncho made out to the edge of the sill.

Soldier of poncho, white camouflage on the side of the part, from the hood where the combined body + -13 cm up front eyelet on both sides are done.

Inside the poncho's hood moldings + -130 - 3 cm long cord is passed.


Soldier of poncho hoods to, attached to the ends of the cord, stupor and extreme lock is attached.


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HELLO, RAFF MILITARY TEXTILE deploys all its resources to provide to all countries in the world

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military uniform model for all countries are specially prepared by our design team. We use the appropriate 

health materials in military clothes. Military Police Clothing Dresses result of the testing procedures are performed

according to the degree of stability as the uses are used in manufacturing.


We continue to work on colors and uniform patterns ceremony for all countries. According to the difficult

weather conditions, you can find military clothing and military equipment at an

affordable price in Raff military  Textile.

Military Textiles Raffi making different characteristics that define the character of our society,

our values, see the greater power of their employees and to the source and to continue our production with our work with team